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TRIUMPH BOOK PRESS was established in June 2020 after Ari Berkowitz stumbled onto a lost treasure, The Triumph of the Man Who Acts. He has used his resources to republish the book and, to maximize its impact, ships each hardcover copy with a highlighter.

Triumph Book Press focuses on restoring books, periodicals, and manuals that were originally printed over one hundred years ago and can inspire and motivate one to thoughtful action. Established in Hollywood, Florida, the press produces print, digital, and audio media across multiple genres. Triumph Book Press reproduces titles that have held international acclaim and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Capitalizing on the latest in print technology, Triumph Book Press diligently restores older, out-of-print volumes to the highest quality standard. By making these works available across multiple formats, Triumph Book Press titles serve to inspire, educate, and motivate, and transform.

TRIUMPH BOOK PRESS was established in June 2020 after Ari Berkowitz stumbled onto a lost treasure, The Triumph of the Man Who Acts. He has used his resources to republish the book and, to maximize its impact, ships each copy with a highlighter.


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Publisher's Bio
Ari Berkowitz

Ari grew up the eighth of nine children in Southfield, a suburb of Detroit. Reading was a staple of the household. Piles of books still fill every room of the house. Ari’s Dad, a school teacher for over 40 years, carries a library around in his head. His mother, an avid Jewish-American historian, spends more time in the 1860s than anyone else he knows.

Following the path of his five older and wiser brothers, Ari left home at the age of 13 to study in Israel to become a Rabbi. After marrying his wife Chanie, they moved to Alabama where Ari launched a Chabad Center, to serve and inspire the community. After five years Ari left the pulpit and pursued a career in sales and marketing.

Although Berkowitz found some success in marketing, he still felt out of place and disconnected from his work. Finding balance and harmony was difficult until COVID-19 triggered Ari into a deep depression. It was during that period that he stumbled onto a lost masterpiece: The Triumph of the Man Who Acts by Edward Earle Purinton. Ari immediately realized he needed to republish Edward’s work. Purinton’s ideas on productivity, health, happiness, relationships and freedom are fundamental and vital for our time. Both profound, and practical, it echoes much of what Ari previously studied and taught. Following the book’s advice, Ari used his skills and resources to reproduce the book in a new format.

Written over one hundred years ago, Edward’s principles and lessons are universal and timeless. The Triumph of the Man Who Acts was originally written and published in 1916. Ari states, “Triumph rings out like a bell of clarity from a century passed; its substance and style compelled me to keep reading. I had discovered an author with a wit the equal of Mark Twain’s, self-improvement courses that dwarfed Dale Carnegie’s and wisdom akin to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s.”

In fact, within the first few months of publishing The Triumph of the Man Who Acts, Purinton had already sold more than 700,000 copies! Eventually his books and manuals sold over 10 million copies in 20 countries. Purinton was a leading advisor to industry titans and a teacher of the common man and woman. As a leading health and efficiency expert, he was endorsed by Elbert H. Gary, a judge and founder of U.S. Steel; judge and social reformer Ben B. Lindsey; John D. Rockefeller Jr., John Wanamaker, department store founder and others like agricultural pioneer Luther Burbank; General John J. Pershing; and F. W. Woolworth.

Today, Ari continues his online marketing business as well as running Triumph Book Press. He has become an authority on Purinton and owns most of his original books and about 100 independent magazines. He launched the publishing company in June, 2020. Triumph of the Man Who Acts is the first book published. Ari lives in South Florida with his wife and four children.

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