Efficient Living

Efficient Living, originally published in 1915, is a systematic and holistic approach to becoming more productive in every area of life. The ten chapters contained within this volume were originally published in The Independent, a leading weekly magazine; Edward Earle Purinton served as its Director of Efficiency Service. What was thought of as “efficiency” in the early twentieth century we consider “productivity” today. This work is based on Purinton’s personal study of over five hundred efficiency systems and methods as well as his direct work with authorities in health, psychology, social service experts, heads of corporations, and efficiency engineers. Chapters address maximizing one’s productivity in the areas of study and thought, household, work and finance, diet and health, and leisure. A guide to common problems encountered by those trying to live more efficiently is also included. Purinton’s techniques are simple, straightforward, and effective. In addition to serving as a practical guide for students of self-improvement, Efficient Living also provides unique insight for those studying progressive era efficiency methods.

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