Personal Efficiency in Business

Edward Earle Purinton’s Personal Efficiency in Business (1919) addresses the question of how to be effective in business while simultaneously maintaining balance in one’s personal affairs. At the time of its publication, Purinton was an internationally recognized efficiency expert; he served as the Dean of the American Efficiency Foundation and Director of the Independent Efficiency Service. This volume combines the practicality of Efficient Living and the wisdom of The Triumph of the Man Who Acts to advise managers, workers, and tradespeople on how to become more efficient by balancing body, mind, heart, and soul. He provides expert advice on every facet of business; from office to factory, sales to inventory, and office management to worker morale. The volume’s sixteen chapters were originally published as a series of articles in The Independent, a leading weekly magazine. When Personal Efficiency in Business was published, it was endorsed by the leading newspapers of its day, including the New York Times. The Indianapolis Star wrote, “Few books contain so many valuable suggestions in such small space.” Indeed, many of Purinton’s methods remain in use today and are still studied by students of business.

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