Purinton Practical Course in Personal Efficiency

This home-study series, originally published in 1919, provides step-by-step guidance and lessons on how to build success in all areas of life. The course is made up of seven separate modules addressing productivity (“How to Measure Your Efficiency,” “How to be Efficient at Home,” and “How to Organize Your Work), health (How to Keep Well), career growth and achievement (“How to Get Ahead” and “How to Improve Your Finances”), and creating an overarching plan for success (‘How to Plan Your Life”). Edward Earle Purinton, was an early twentieth century expert on efficiency, health, and self-development. With this course he has gathered all the wisdom garnered from his years as an author, advice columnist, teacher, and business consultant to create a practical guide for personal success His use of instructions, questionnaires, exercises and practical advice break down the complex process of self-improvement into a series of simple, manageable tasks, allowing anyone to enrich and improve their lives.

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